From 2016, Apple’s design better or worse?

Apple is known for its design cuts. Its only part of the story that many immediately thought of the beauty of the brand as a series of white, silver and gray.

And as viral tweet has shown, even in the last five years, many have changed.

Taking a series of Apple products from 2016 alongside their 2021 peers, a Twitter user reveals how much the brand has changed. Destructive alarm: It looks like the gold rush is over.

With so many color options available in 2021, it may be easy to forget that 2016 is a quieter world. In the words of Henry Ford, you can have any color you like, as long as silver, gray field, gold or gold rose. In fact, that army of bright colors unified across many markets almost seemed a little scary (“If Apple 2016 products were a group of people, they would surely have hit me at school,” one Creative Bloq author notes ).

Fast forward to 2021, and it is not very possible to find two products in the same color. Two years ago, Apple introduced color to everything from the iPhone to the iMac (and has said it does the same with the MacBook Air lately). If you tell us that these pictures show the product lines of two different companies, we can believe it.

So which one is better? It’s all a matter of personal taste, therefore, but the gray / gold / silver Fest looks rather stale at us. Once you have experienced the current color pop ups, it is hard to imagine going back to all that Pink century. That said, the line-up of 2021 seems to create an unwanted inconsistency, offering 50 shades of blue, green and, yes, gray. How does your phone match your watch to your laptop to your tablet? It is best to set your time machine to 2016.

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