Frequent subscriptions on iOS, allowed via Twitch

Twitch has offered Sub Tokens as a way for iOS users to support their favorite streams, from 2019. For subscription on desktop, they offer the same benefits.

However, Twitch is doing away with that device in favor of a more direct approach.

Once updated to the latest version of the Twitch iOS app, anyone will find the option to purchase frequent subscriptions. It is a change that the company says it is making based on user feedback. “We learn from the community that non-renewable Sub brands on iOS can prevent them from enjoying regular subscription opportunities and support from their favorite developers,” the company said in a blog post. With the tweak, one does not have to worry about losing access to subscription opportunities or missing a surgery stream.

Partitions are not erased, at least not immediately. Twitch will continue to sell them until December 1st. At that point, one can continue to redeem until January 10th, 2022. After that date, any Sub Token Remains remaining on any account will be refunded by Apple. All told, it is a world that should be easy for Twitch users to support their favorite streams, especially if they use iOS device first to watch them.

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