For the simple iPhone 13 Pro, Apple’s new beta enables macro mode

For the iPhone 13 Pro by adding a button to let users turn it on and off, Apple’s new iOS 15.2 beta technology fixes macro status confusion.

According to Verge, the icon, which looks like a small flower, pops up whenever a user approaches an object to take a macro photo and lets the user easily switch between having the Macro mode automatically turned on and off without having to go into the program.

Report, if a user automatically shuts off the macro, a button will appear when approaching an object.

Tapping the default will turn on the Auto Macro, and the user’s phone will switch to Macro mode. Pressing the button also automatically changes the Macro and switches the user to normal camera.

Days after the launch of the iPhone 13, some technology-savvies discovered that automatic switching to macro mode can be scary, as the phone changes lenses without indicating that a change has occurred in the UI (the arrow key does not change from 1x to 0.5x as normal).

According to The Verge, Apple fixed the issue by introducing a toggle (Settings> Camera> Automatic Macro) that lets users turn off automatic switching, but that makes things a little more complicated.

Just switching the camera wide and the subject matter will get users in different results than the macro mode would – to fully reset the macro effect, the user should also have to zoom manually to 0.9x.

A new update in 15.2 beta 2 will make things easier. If the user does not want to think about it, they can leave the Auto Macro, then the iPhone 13 Pro will take a macro picture if the user approaches something.

If someone likes better control, or sees a change of pace, they can turn the macro on automatically but also have the ability to easily position it if they want through a button that will pop up when the phone thinks they are trying to take a macro image kan, reported The Verge.

Reportedly, there are speculations that this update will remain the same through the beta process and will be part of the 15.2 final release.