For New York City Democrats, the Big Apple has become a huge burden

As Republicans struggle to build a political government in New York, Democrats gain momentum. On ‘Special Report,’ Fox News correspondent Chad Pergram is new on the New York remake and discusses Nancy Pelosi’s ban on taking Communion because of her pro-abortion beliefs. Democrats are well aware that Republicans will also push congressional boundaries to their advantage in states such as Ohio, Texas, and Florida in order to increase the number of elected GOP House members. Returning favor is justified. California, Illinois, and New York are under Democratic control. As a result, they want to redesign the local boundaries of the House in those states to favor one another.

However Democrats found themselves unable to build a political government in the Ottoman Empire for 2022. New York strives to prepare its own maps for the House of Representatives. A state appeals court in Steuben County, New York – located in the south-central part of the state – has hit congressional maps taken by the state legislature. The court hired reorganized lawyer Jonathan Cervas to become the “special master” to draw new lines.

The concept is anathema to New York Democrats. To the New York City Democrats, the Boston Red Sox or the Philadelphia Phillies – the archrivals to the New York Yankees and New York Mets – may also have written the maps. This is like trying to cross a cake from Alabama like something made in Midtown. Broadway demonstrations forced to close at night after the wild review in the Times did better than the opposition of the Cervas proposals. The map even combines the East Coast and the West Coast Groups into one area. New Yorkers are next door to each other. In New York, Central Park in the center is the DMZ political scene between North and South Korea. Now they are in the same House area?

“If you want to write a story about how a person can plant chaos in the Democratic Party, there is no better script than this fact,” said Michael Hardaway, a senior aide to Democratic Caucus chairman and Brooklyn representative Hakeem Jeffries. , Says DN. .Y. “Democrats think that with maps in New York City, they will have the opportunity to either move a few seats and move forward the way they need in a country. That completely ruined the whole system. ”

The maps trigger a political fratricide – pitting sitting New York House Democrats against each other. And, diluting the voting stuff. “The special envoy came out with a map showing four black members of Congress in the same constituency,” Jeffries said. “Will let Jim Crow blush.” Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, DN.Y., is White and represents a suburban New York suburb. He is also chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). That was the committee dedicated to the election of the Democrats to the House. With the first new lines, Maloney shows he can run in an area represented by a progressive, Black Caucus Congressional Reps. Mondaire Jones, DN.Y., or Jamaal Bowman, DN.Y.

Maloney relates: “I just ran as fast as I could. “If someone else is looking at the area, it is clear we will try to work through that as colleagues and friends.” In a tweet, Representative Ritchie Torres, DN.Y, described Maloney’s move as “racist with a thin veil.” The problem is that the person in charge of electing Democrats to the House may suddenly have to accept fellow members. Lawmakers of the same party who are campaigning against each other are bloody enough. But it is more worrying to have a campaign committee chairman trying to bring out their peers.

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