Foldable iPhone for a wider panoramic camera? What Apple’s new patent shows

Apple’s upcoming foldable iPhones may have better panoramic cameras than the tech giant’s current flagships. The company’s new patent claims it was able to find a reason why its consumers should buy its new product.

(Photo: Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Image) MADRID, SPAIN – SEPTEMBER 16: An Iphone 7 Plus with its new dual camera is shown at the Apple Store Puerta del Sol on the day the company launches its Iphone 7 and 7 Plus on September 16, 2016 in Madrid, Spain. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were launched on Friday, September 16 in more than 25 countries. Customers started queuing 38 hours before the store opened in central Madrid.

Second Patently AppleIn the previous report, the famous iPhone maker plans to integrate more cameras into its upcoming foldable devices. This should help users capture far superior panoramic images.

This innovation is a great advance in Apple’s technology. Because? Because MSPower user reported that the company’s strength is not making foldable smartphones.

Apple’s next foldable iPhones

Apple’s upcoming foldable devices are expected to have a flexible housing made up of flexible materials such as flexible fabric, flexible polymer, and more. They could also come with multiple cameras mounted in various locations through the flexible housing.

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Apple explained that the foldable iPhone housing could be folded into different configurations. These include a configuration in which the housing of the device has a concave surface facing the outer region, as well as a configuration where the housing has a concave-convex surface facing the outer region.

The company’s new patent explained that cameras on the curved surface of a bent housing can have different camera image acquisition directions. The user can fold the case of the folding device and orient the cameras in the desired directions to use the panoramic cameras of the smartphone to capture panoramic images or three-dimensional images.

Foldable iPhone multiple images function

On the other hand, Apple’s upcoming foldable iPhones may also have a feature that allows it to capture multiple images of a scene. This may be possible as the cameras can be oriented so that their field of view can expand and allow the device to capture overlapping images that are combined together to form a composite panoramic image.

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