First look at iOS 14: Apple tries to do more but keep it simple

The fastest and least destructive way to clean up your splash screen is to disable entire pages at a time. Press and hold an app icon, press the “change home screen” button and tap the series of dots at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up the full list of home screen pages, and if you already know you don’t really use some, unchecking a box completely hides the page and displays all of its apps in the Library. It might sound like the nuclear option, but it offers a huge advantage: Checking the box again revives the page as it was, with everything (including those folders) in the right place. And once you’ve arranged your apps the way you like them, you can preserve that order by telling iOS to view new apps exclusively in the Library.

I guess people will take completely different approaches with iOS 14’s more flexible design. Some, who a) don’t care or b) prefer the old way of doing things, don’t have to change their behavior at all. Others will certainly work in the opposite direction, completely eliminating their home screens from app icons and going full throttle on widgets as the Library appropriately stores all the software they need. I still haven’t figured out where I sit along that spectrum, but if there’s ever been a time to experiment, it’s now.

Eliminate the clutter

The way widgets and app library work in tandem is a great example of what a great iOS 14 background theme looks like: giving you just what you need, when you need it. They are not the only ones, however. Consider how this update handles phone calls and Siri. Both took up the entire screen, interrupting whatever you were doing. Now, they have rightfully been relegated to little notifications that pop up at the edges of the screen. They are enough to give you the appropriate context without taking you away from the task at hand.

The same goes for videos too, of all things. Once an iPad exclusive feature, iOS 14 brings picture-in-picture to iPhone, making sure you can watch Divorce Italian Style in HBO Max while shooting some work emails. Many of the major streaming services already work well with the feature, but since we’re a long way off the official iOS 14 release, there are still some notable resistances. (Here you go, VRV and YouTube.)


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