Eye shadows, tattoo eye shadows, and more are among Apple’s most recent patents

Apple has filed three new patents, covering anything from preventing overheating to viewing faces featuring a user’s hand tattoos. While Apple is constantly drinking about its future application ideas, patents filed with the U.S. patent and the Office of Commerce are very clear. Over the past month, the Cupertino-based company has filed several new patents aimed at enhancing iPhones and Macbooks with new functionality and cosmetic features.

Some of the newly released patents reflect upcoming developments in eye tracking technology, in-air modes, Apple Watch tattoo displays, and thermal accessories. Combined Eye Tracking and In-Air Hand Attention In a patent released last month, Apple reported a UI navigation technology (user interface) using face tracking and (or face-to-face) integration with hand gestures. Visual and visual controls are able to interpret the controls in the air. Photo courtesy of Apple.

Visual and visual controls are able to interpret the controls in the air. Image courtesy of Apple and US Patent and Trademark Office This technology uses facial expressions as input, which allows the computer to have more verbal information about user functions and makes the view more understandable.

However, eye pressure and visual acuity are challenging because the eyes do not stand still, damaging the accuracy of the eye tracking data. In addition, eye trackers require precise measurement for high accuracy. Eye movements are not always as definitive as keyboard or mouse inputs; these noisy eye movements can lead to false positives.

Many developers are researching a program that reduces the burden of understanding for users, reduces false positives, and enables more understanding and interaction. Apple’s new UI navigation system features a system of cameras, sensors, and audio inputs that enhance the usability of the user interface and hands in relation to the graphical user interface (GUI).

Hand gestures include pinching, rotating, tapping, and other movements for a number of interactions, including image editing, drawing, display, text, roaming, game play, telephone, video conference, email messaging, messaging instantly, workout support, digital photography, digital video, web browsing, digital music playback, note recording, or digital video playing.nMacBook App. Here 1410 refers to the wireless communication circuit, 1408 refers to the magnet assembly, and 1413 refers to the fan. Photo courtesy of Apple.

MacBook accessories. Here 1410 refers to the wireless communication circuit, 1408 refers to the magnetic circuit, and 1413 refers to the wind. The image used with courtesy of Apple and the US Patent and Trademark Office eliminates this issue by incorporating a temperature control system with temperature sensors and software. The system can monitor multiple processors, and when the temperature exceeds a threshold, the system controls restrict the operation of the processor.

The feature set can also exchange data with a computing device via near-field communication (NFC). If the device is within the specified distance and certified by internal certification procedures, the device may replace important data that may improve the device’s performance. When the computing machine realizes that the application is covered, it can adjust the temperature of the control system, allowing processes to perform better for a longer period of time.

Since compiling these patents, Apple has already received wording on a lot — most notably about eye tracking technology. According to Patently Apple, the U.S. Patent and Trade Office has licensed Apple 67 licenses, one of which includes its AR / VR screen. The company is also awaiting approval on several other patents it filed, including a tattoo watch display and thermal protection accessory for Macbooks.

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