EU approaches Apple’s need to switch to USB-C on iPhones and AirPods

Will Apple iPhones, iPads, and AirPods be required to include a USB-C port? Members of the European Parliament have strongly supported a law that would force Apple to use Type-C USB in all its products. The proposal, officially recognized as a regulation, will force all consumer electronics manufacturers selling devices in Europe to have a USB Type-C port on all new devices, including phones, tablets, computers. mobile phones, digital cameras, headsets, video game consoles, and even portable speakers.

There are no exceptions that will give manufacturers unless the devices are too small to offer a USB-C port. For example, sports equipment such as smart watches, health monitors, etc. can be very symbolic of a Type-C station. This is not a jolt for Android, for most new Android phones have a Type-C USB port. Instead, it could become a problem for Apple, a company that has become religious to its Light connection.

The European Parliament and Consumer Protection Council on Wednesday voted in favor of the law – with 43 votes in favor and only two against. In a press release, members of the European Parliament said that this law could help reduce electrical pollution, improve product stability, and make the use of different devices easier.

In addition, MEPs expect companies to start providing clear information about their device charging options, and whether the device comes with a charger or not. The European Commission may also introduce a framework to ensure interaction between wireless charging solutions by 2026. This will prevent division and reduce waste. In addition, the EU expects that consumers will not be locked into property charging decisions after this.

In 2018, when the idea first floated, Apple warned that a common charging port would undermine innovation and create electrical waste for users who would need to switch to new cables. For this guide to take effect, the European Parliament must approve an election law next month. Afterwards, individual EU states will discuss the final direction on the global charging station. What do you think about the EU’s plans to impose Type-C on everyone? Let us know in the comments below. For more in the world of technology and science, continue reading

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