Elon Musk deals with Twitter; Netflix morale is bad; Apple must pay for missing iPhone charger

Elon Musk purchases are welcome via Twitter, Netflix is ​​experiencing a behavioral crisis, and Apple will have to pay a $ 1000 customer compensation for not including the charger with its iPhone. Welcome to Hashtag Trending, where we bring you all the latest technology news. I am Tuesday, the 26th of April, and I am Samira Balsara, your host. Amazon Alexa’s Hashtag Trending 200 px throughout the Google Podcast badge

Things went awry between Elon Musk and the Twitter board. Just yesterday we talked about how Twitter could open up to accepting Elon Musk’s offer to buy the company. That has now become a reality. On Monday, the Twitter platform received sales of US $ 44 billion. The stock is expected to close later this year at a share price of $ 54.20 per share. Following the agreement, Musk announced that free speech would continue to be a digital square in a functioning democracy.

With both subscribers and declining product prices, Netflix is ​​facing another crisis: low behavior. Although the company has long been hailed as one of the best workplaces to work in, its recent financial woes have also boosted employee expectations. Most Netflix employees have company stock options. When the price of a commodity falls, it also destroys their benefits. As worries continue to brew, Bloomberg reports that some workers are asking executives to give new product offerings to make up for their losses. Others have told the Info that more workers are looking to leave the company than ever before. In addition to changing the payroll system for its customers, Netflix is ​​also lobbying to reorganize its corporate teams and increase incentives to retain its employees.

A Brazilian judge has ruled that Apple must pay $ 1000 to a customer for not including a charger in the box. In 2020, Apple is sticking with chargers for its iPhones as a way to reduce e-waste, but also with a USB-C cable to the Light cable in the box. Although the company stated that the cable could be used in conjunction with other chargers, the judge ruled the exercise was a “tie tie.” In the case of a tie sale, the customer must purchase a separate component for the machine to operate, which is illegal.

A competing watchdog in the UK will be able to fine companies up to 10 per cent of their global turnover for fake reviews, the BBC reported. According to the article, the average UK household spends £ 900 euros, or C $ 1200 a year, based on online reviews. Under the new rules, businesses will not be allowed to pay for reviews and must tell customers publicly when the free trials end. In addition, they now need to check the validity of the reviews. This could have significant impacts on Amazon, Google, and other eCommerce companies. In addition, the UK government also wants to crack down on subscription traps that make it difficult for customers to terminate their subscription.

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