Elon Musk bought Twitter, there is a Snap Summit collection, and the App Store has become known

Welcome back to this Week in Applications, a weekly series featuring the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications, and app products in general. According to the most recent end-of-year statistics, the app industry continues to perform well, with the record number of downloads and user spending in all iOS and Google Play stores combined in 2021. By 2021, China will spend $ 170 billion on iOS, Google Play, and third-party Android app stores, up 19 percent from the previous year. Application revenues increased by 5% to 230 billion in 2021, and mobile advertising spending increased by 23% year-over-year to $ 295 billion.

Consumers today spend more time in appliances than ever before – especially when they spend more time watching TV. The average American watches 3.1 hours of TV a day, for example, but in 2021, they spend 4.1 hours on their mobile device. And they are not even the heaviest mobile users in the world. In markets such as Brazil, Indonesia and South Korea, users will spend more than five hours a day on mobile devices in 2021.

Applications are not a way to go beyond working hours, either. They can grow to become big businesses. By 2021, 233 applications and games generated more than $ 100 million in consumer spending, and 13 generated $ 1 billion in revenue. This is 20% from 2020, when 193 applications and games raised $ 100 million in annual user spending, and eight applications received $ 1 billion.

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Now everyone is wondering what will happen next. Twitter is not a big business at all on Wall Street, so going private is not the worst choice for a company to make. But going private under a free speech lawyer has already been cautious by advertisers. If Twitter wants to spread its content balance rules, it could lead to more online abuse and hate speech to do good. AdAge reported an immediate reaction from advertisers was one of concern and turmoil. Brands are beginning to reach out to companies to help them understand and prepare, he said. An executive exec says advertisers are preparing to stop spending after receiving Musk if things go south. Seeking to allay concerns, Twitter sent an email of reassurances to advertisers, FT reported. But the brand recognizes Twitter cannot make any promises about the nature of free speech on Twitter once Musk is in charge.

Advertisers can pull out of Twitter if needed – there are a number of other social networks that are hungry for their dollars across the Meta. Snap and TikTok, for example, could benefit from changing the overall advertising budget, as they also reach younger people and have growing user base. While Musk has ideas on how to grow Twitter revenues in other ways in the future, Twitter marketing today is trust-advertising. To what extent did Musk understand the nuances of that complication is less obvious. But unless the billionaire wants to spend money on Twitter, he should give some thought.

Global consumer spending in apps sees flat growth year-on-year, according to new data from the Sensor Center. The company found that app revenue growth globally from in-app purchases, premium apps and subscriptions grew only 0.6% from $ 32.3 billion in Q1 2021 to $ 32.5 billion in Q1 2022. However, when we look at one, the App Store and Google Play see different designs. Google Play Store’s lack of growth caused the combined growth rate to decline, as it grossed $ 10.7 billion in consumer spending, down 8.5% year-over-year from $ 11.7 billion in Q1 2021. Meanwhile, Apple’s App Store revenue, which which is double that. Google Play’s, grew 5.8% year-over-year from $ 20.6 billion to $ 21.8 billion.

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