Driver licenses are now available on iPhones in Arizona

As of March 23, Arizona residents can safely submit their MVD driver’s license or state ID card in the Apple Wallet on the iPhone or Apple Watch as a valid ID at the TSA airport security checkpoints at the airport. International Phoenix Sky Harbor. Arizona citizens can use their driver’s license or state ID on their iPhones or Apple Watch at TSA security checkpoints at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport starting March. It is worth noting that many businesses use mobile application development services to generate digital IDs for their employees, and other items such as game tickets. However, it is not the first attempt in the US to obtain a digital copy of the identity card.

Residents will have to add a license or ID to their wallets through the new “Driver Authorization or State ID” service. Next, the user will have to take a selfie and scan the front and back of the driver’s license or state ID card, provided to the state that issued the certificate. To ensure fraud prevention, a user will have to perform several head movements for the application to form a platform for future authentication. State government officials will verify the information and decide whether to add or ban the app from the wallet.

The digital license can be used at TSA checkpoints at airports by tapping an iPhone or Apple watch. Users will be asked to provide a Face ID or Touch ID to agree to transfer the requested information to the terminal. In the next step, the TSA will photograph and process the traveler’s photograph to verify their identity.

Users should not have to leave their device, because the information will be passed digitally. In addition, residents will be able to access all iPhone or Apple Watch security features to pass information. If the device is lost or stolen, they can use the My Application function to locate, block, or erase your data on the device. Apple promises that no user data will be stored on Apple servers. Although the initiative has sparked private disputes, the initiative is completely voluntary, according to the New York Times. Also, Arizona citizens should not drop off custom ID cards and licenses because they cannot use a digital copy once they stop a police officer on a road or at a bar.

Arizona Vehicle Division says more than 11K users have requested a digital copy of their driver’s license or ID cards since the program’s inception. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Louisiana and Colorado have their own applications for the issuance of driver’s licenses, which are recognized by law enforcement agencies in their respective states and are compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems.

Other states may follow the Colorado route and adopt app development services for unique solutions. State companies charge of such projects is pretty controllable as creating an ID application differs from normal app development costs. To learn more about creating a mobile application, read the following:

Bio author: Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web & mobile application solutions from scratch. He explored the area of ​​technology to create great content through app development, UX / UI design, and technology & business consulting.

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