Do the following steps first if you are planning to trade in your iPhone or Android phone

What do I do with my previous one? This is the first question many of us ask after we are planning a new smartphone. After all, you have so many options. In your mobile phone, among them is buying and selling. On a new device, a big reason most people can trade in our mobile phone is to save money. After securing an awesome deal on trade-in for my iPhone 7, that is why I bought my iPhone 12 mini.

But you do not want to leave the mobile phone unattended with several steps to protect your privacy and security. Make sure you take the following steps before buying and selling an adult smartphone.

Steps to do business in your iPhone

Your first step should be backing up your iPhone. You can use both your PC, Mac or instantly in your mobile phone via iCloud backup. Also, Apple says if you own a personal Apple Watch, make sure to remove it from your mobile phone.

If you are upgrading to a different iPhone, the process is fairly easy. Go to settings, and find your identity on the high. Click on that and then scroll right to display out of iCloud and App Store. You will enter a password to complete the process.

From there, go to Settings, then General, then Transfer or Reset iPhone. After that just select Erase All Content and Settings. This will restore the mobile phone to its original state when you first bought it. On your new mobile phone, you can go to Find My Application and update your old phone as a reliable device.

If you are switching from iPhone to Android, before you clean your device, you may have to cancel iMessage to avoid interruptions with sending text content.

Before you trade in your Android mobile phone

The process is analogous however it will vary depending on the type of personal Android mobile phone.

On the Samsung Galaxy versions, step one supports both your phone through Samsung cloud companies, via Google or using a microSD card.

Once that is done, go to Settings, then Reset Data Factory. You may have to enter certificates in your security lock before proceeding. After tapping Off All, your cell phone will be charged again to the initial start-up screen.

The steps are related to Google Pixel smartphones. Back up your mobile phone, log out of your Google accounts, then go to Settings. From there, go to Settings, Advanced, Configure Options, then Erase all your information.

If you’re jumping from Android to iPhone, Apple has the Move to iOS app access to change your information earlier than resetting your mobile phone.

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