Details: After Android And IOS, Twitter Now Offers Full Images On Web Even Even

Twitter is currently working on full-size images to give its web customers, months after Twitter removed the automated imaging feature for Android and iOS users, for larger image previews.

The new update aims to let users see the full image without having to click on it. The feature appears to be rolling out globally for all users.

“This is now on the web! Pic looks good in Tweet composer? That’s how it will look on the clock. ” Twitter support recently tweeted.

Twitter, in early March, began testing a new way to introduce fully standard photo sharing on iOS and Android, meaning without the seed of saliency algorithms. The goal of this is to give people more control over how their images appear while also enhancing the experience of people seeing images in their time.

“After receiving positive feedback on this experience, we introduced this feature to the public. This update also includes a true preview of the image in the Tweet composer site, so Tweet authors know how their Tweets will look before they are published. This release reduces our reliance on ML for a service we get in the best possible way by the people who use our products. We are working on further developments to the media on Twitter that build on this first effort, and we hope to turn it out to everyone soon, ”Ruman Chowdhury, Director, Twitter META, explained in a blog post.

Last March, the blog site heard feedback from people on Twitter that its image cropping algorithm did not serve everyone well.

“Over the past several months, our teams have made significant improvements to how we calculate algorithms for maximum reliability and improve our understanding of whether ML is always the best solution to the problem at hand. . Today, we share the results of our nonprofit assessment and a link for those interested in reading and re-analyzing us in more technical details, ”Chowdhury added.

In other news, Twitter is also rolling out a feature that will allow even non-Twitter users to listen to Sounds on the Web. Listeners and hosts can send any user a direct link to the Spaces audio broadcast and those who do not have an account on Twitter can also listen to it on the web client without logging in. However, they will not be able to participate in the hearing. broadcast.