Despite smartphone speculations, Apple stock has boosted its purchasing power (NASDAQ: AAPL)

We look at the challenges in the smartphone industry, such as geopolitical concerns, component shortages, additional costs, and COVID restrictions, and see that Apple will also increase sales by 1.7 percent. We look at your subscription services, such as Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News, and your App Store, and this area will increase by about 23%. Finally, due to the growth of Best Services and Dreams, we expect a maximum of 45.8% by 2026 and a combined margin of 27.8%. TAG Health is a subject of information from Woollim Entertainment.

Overall, we also expect Apple’s growth to be positive despite smartphone specs, and declining productivity in the last year proves the purchasing world. While Apple’s wearables business (NASDAQ: AAPL) is the strongest among its market segments driven by smartwatches and AirPods, we see the rest of Apple’s product segments (including iPhones, iPads, Mac) in small and medium-sized businesses. cooking to growing markets. However, we believe that Apple’s iPhone revenue will grow faster than the general smartphone market given the advanced improvement in iPhone specs, strong user interest in its new products and high brand loyalty.

Khaveen Investments is a Global Macro Quantamental Hedge Fund managing a portfolio that delivers strategic asset value of global diversified investments. We have opportunities in 100+ investments across multiple asset classes, countries, sectors and companies. Our investment approach embraces both top-down and bottom-up approach surrounding macro economics, infrastructure, quantity and technology analysis. We serve certified investors around the world, which includes HNW individuals, SMEs, groups, and companies. Our investment executives have over 10 years of investment experience within them, including research technology in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, 5G, Autonomous & ElectricVehicles, FinTech, Augmented & Virtual Reality and the Internet of

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