Criminals are more comfortable than ever using Apple Pay to go shopping with stolen credit cards

Because of the ease of being unsuspecting customers into changing their certification codes, criminals have found that Apple Pay is one of the easiest ways to steal credit card information. Criminals are taking advantage of Apple Pay and related widgets to “go over spending expenses with stolen credit and debit card details,” according to a recent investigation by the deputy.

One Fraudster even described Apple Pay as the “easiest way to make money” now that hackers have developed and distributed an app designed to steal the identities of many victims.

When you add a new credit or debit card to Apple Pay, the iPhone Wallet application walks you through the verification process to confirm that the card is yours. Banks manage this process completely, so it can vary significantly depending on the type of company that issued your card. These Incredible Applications Help You Save Money, Save Money, Cancel Unwanted Registrations, and much more The App Store has become completely epic with all the same repetitive junk. Cut clutter off: These are the only iPhone 6 accessories you will ever need… Find More

In most cases, this includes receiving a text message, a phone call, or an email with a confirmation code. The customer then enters that verification code directly into the Wallet application, and the card is activated for use. However, according to Vice Presidents, criminals have resorted to using special bots designed to steal these codes, making it almost impossible for them to activate the cards on Apple Pay.

Instead of calling the victim directly and trying to “social media” their code from them, these bots used word-for-word scripts with a proven track record. For example, the bot may call the victim with what appears to be an exercise program from their bank, telling them that a problem has been found with their account. People are then asked to enter the code that the bank sent to their mobile device via text message.

In the case of a bot call received by the Motherboard, the bot pretends to be an automated program from PayPal that helps secure the victim’s account. In the call, the computer operator said “In order to secure your account, please enter the code your mobile device has just sent.” Vice

A button like this will be used when a criminal adds a debit card to an Apple Pay that causes a text message from the victim’s bank. The unsuspecting person receiving the call may think that the text message was initiated for another purpose and provide code without realizing that they are giving away their credit card information.

This trick will not work for all credit and debit cards because some banks use more secure verification methods. However, the Vice found photos posted to Telegram by bot supervisors showing that Wells Fargo and Chase cards could be successfully integrated into Apple Pay using the following methods. What makes this attractive to hackers is that Apple Pay requires almost no additional certification in the retail space. Physical credit and debit cards are very risky as they often require the user to enter a PIN in the terminal or send a physical card to a merchant who can check the name and suspect it does not match the recipient. he took the card. . They can then, in total, ask to be identified.

None of this has happened while using Apple Pay since, presumably, the iPhone’s Touch ID or Authentication ID is enough to confirm the transaction. The cashier will not see the name, and in most cases, a signature or PIN is not required. Unfortunately, as this report reveals, a weak link is a process by which a card is initially added to Apple Pay. The criminal who stole the credit card information must also go through the same process as the debit card reader to add that card to Apple Pay. No one found a way to hack or bypass that process.

This is completely what is known as the “social technology” attack. It relies entirely on deceiving potential victims to submit their certification codes very easily. What makes it a game for scammers – and dangerous for everyone else – is that this new automated bot bot allows hundreds of potential victims to contact you faster and more seamlessly than ever before. . Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself from such scams.

Do not give this type of criminal activity also explain why Apple is promoting its fraudulent securities in Apple Pay. Tracking information such as the location of transactions can ensure that even if a scammer manages to get one of your payment cards added to their iPhone, it will quickly appear as fraudulent because it is unlikely that the thief will use it anywhere. near your current location.

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