China: Apple removes Bible, Quran apps

After receiving requests from regulators and government officials, Apple has removed the popular Quran app from the App Store in China. Apple relies on China for the production of its products as the country is one of the largest markets for the technology industry. Apple Ihamon noted this development first, a website that oversees applications on the Apple App Store globally. In China, Quran Majeed is one of the most popular applications of its kind and has a million users.

The app is available in other countries on the App Store and on Google Play. Apple’s human rights policy recognizes that the company needs to comply with local laws but in extreme cases, the technology giant may not comply with government regulations.

The BBC quoted the developer, PDMS, as saying in a statement, “According to Apple, the Quran Majeed app has been removed from the Chinese App Store because it contains content that requires additional documentation from Chinese authorities. ”

China has in recent years been criticized for violating the human rights of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. China’s care for its young children, including pushing them into forced labor in factories that make materials or components for materials, has led to a spotlight on the production and supply lines of giants. global technology. Apple itself, along with other technology companies, has been criticized by rights groups for relying on Kannada supply lines and for complying with Chinese government regulations that could be arbitrary and contrary to the values ​​offered in the countries such as the US.

Reports suggest that the removal of the application may be due to China cracking down on foreign content. Another religious tool, an olive tree Bible, was also removed from the App Store in China this week. Although reports indicate that the app developer dropped the application themselves they are referring to patent issues. “As long as we do not have permission and we need to approve our app updates and go out to customers, we remove our Bible material from the China App Store,” the company told the BBC.

Earlier this month, Amazon’s property book and podcast service, Audible was removed from the App Store due to similar patent issues. Microsoft also removed the LinkedIn app from China saying the rules are challenging in the country.