Cathie Wood says Apple should have bought Tesla

Apple should have bought Tesla and would have had an electric car market, Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood told CNBC on Thursday. “We’re glad they didn’t,” said Wood, a long-time TSLA uber-bull and a believer in CEO Elon Musk.

Matthew J. Belvedere for CNBC

Close business analyst Cathie Wood told CNBC on Wednesday that Apple may have had an untapped product market by purchasing Tesla when it was given the go-ahead while having trouble with the Model 3 ramp.

“We’ve been watching Apple carefully for years now. Because what is an automated car? It’s a high-end mobile device, “he said in a wide-ranging” Squawk Box “interview.

Wood – longtime Tesla uber-bull and shareholder and believer in CEO Elon Musk – told CNBC, “This should be Apple’s product. Apple should have bought Tesla, in fact when they gave them a chance. We are glad that they did not. ”

Musk revealed, in a tweet in February 2020, that he had contacted Apple CEO Tim Cook “during the darkest days for the model 3” about the probability of selling Tesla “(for 1/10 of our current value).” Musk said Cook “refused to accept the offer.”

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