Broadcom will pay $ 61 billion for VMware, making it one of the largest technology purchases ever

Leave your address to receive a daily review of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important events in 3 PDT evenings. Today is Thursday, May 26, 2022, and the site is bursting at sea with details. Here are some gems that have caught the attention of our reporters. We are excited to hear about this topic at TechCrunch Disrupt later this year, when VCs will tackle how to make money when you are not at one of the major technology hubs. We are offering a 2-for-1 Memorial Day deal this weekend, so get your ticket and bring a friend! – Haj and Christine

Confirm: Broadcom made a proposed merger with the VMware staff, and with it came a few kids in the way of some of the VMware assets built in the way. As we noted earlier in the week, we are still not convinced that the two companies are a match made in heaven. However, while both are still signing agreements, sealing and delivering, we put up our collective glasses in toast that the directors will bless this team. Gucci, Gucci goo: How do you feed a need for fancier sounds? Look no further than Oura’s new collaboration with Gucci. The Gucci x Oura size is really beautiful and your charging station is one that you will want to leave in view so that people can see how fabulous it is, or see that it is poor $ 950 – take your choice.

Maybe it pays to slow down: The demand to have fast delivery can be a stone’s throw in some tire trading companies. Alex discusses how the race to create business models, such as black stores, to approach the customer works for some, but not everyone, causing even investors to call the company “overhyped” in some respects . What did the reporter do when they received an ad from a company whose name was “stolen” by Apple, but it turned out that the company failed to register the trademark because they thought it would be in vain? Well, if the reporter is Haje, he takes her through his kind of caution and takes her to the light to see what other beginners can learn from the experience. Predator: Just get a bad brand, you fools.

We were surprised whenever another company raised money to make asteroid mining, but Aria reports that Y Combinator alum AstroForge thinks it is fresh on the trope, raising $ 13 million to zip up to a floating rock and bring it back some sweet, sweet young. -G field minerals. And smattering of other goodies for you to snack on this afternoon. Buen provecho!

Run it ‘apper, one buy at a time: Friendly Apps up $ 3 million to build apps that make you more connected and happy, Sarah reports. One carbon, two carbon, three carbon: Consumer products have long been measuring its actual carbon effect, but Planet FWD counts $ 10 million to help track – and ultimately reduce – their carbon footprints, reports Christine. Just pollen at this real speed: Humble Bee Bio is on a mission to create a biodegradable substitute for plastics by combining the biology of bees, raising $ 3.2 million to complete its mission, Rebecca wrote.

Ra-nance? More like crypto-purchases: A group of former executives from Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has created a $ 100 million trading platform, the group told Jacquelyn.

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