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Tom Merritt outlines five steps to recover important and hidden information from your iPhone dialer codes. An American sister used her cell phone at home in a photo shoot. While sitting on the couch, an American-American woman laughing uses her smartphone at home, chatting or checking social media. We always ignore the fact that iPhones are phones. However, as long as they are available, they can use the phone’s infrastructure to spread information that your device makes it difficult to find or not at all. Those infrastructure also make it easy to update programs.

In addition, typing special codes in your phone vendor is just such a fun. It makes you feel like a spy. Contributing author TechRepublic Lance Whitney compiled a guide, so let’s show you 5 ways to use dialer codes on your phone. This is the number that identifies your phone, and when you need it, it is always painful to dig through all the settings to get. But if you know how to dial * # 06, you can get emotional.

If, for the right reasons, you do not want your number to appear at the other end, use this advice. I need this when recording videos and I do not want my phone number on the screen. To do so, dial * 67 and then the number you want to call. This takes me back to ninety years. Remember REM * 69? That also works: Stop the last call you received. Okay, let’s love: Enter * 3001 # 12345 # * If you remember 3001, it’s easier to remember the rest. That will show you things like bandwidth, cell ID and Deployment Type. Much of this information is useful only for troubleshooting, but it is a lot of information that you may not get otherwise.

Still on a meter machine? Check your data usage with # 3282. Okay, at least if you are on Verizon or AT&T. T-Mobile uses # 932 #. Are you sure your phone is working? If you are on Verizon, you can place a test call with # 832. Like I said, some are more useful than others, but they are all good to try. Subscribe to TechRepublic Top 5 on YouTube for all the latest technical advice for business prospects from Tom Merritt. We deliver high-tech business news stories about companies, people, and products that are changing the world. Daily Delivery. Smartphones and mobile technology: The community must read more (TechRepublic on Flipboard)

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