Because of COVID-19, Apple is closing retail stores across the United States and Canada

The global spread of COVID-19 is universal. We are the first person at Apple, and we do what we do with the belief that technology can change lives and hopefully it can be a useful tool in a time like this. Teachers are looking for new ways to bring deep learning to life. Companies are experimenting with new methods of manufacturing left over. In a nutshell, medical experts can diagnose the disease and reach millions with important updates. We all practice and respond in our unique ways, and Apple wants to continue to play a role in helping individuals and communities grow stronger. But this global effort – to protect the most vulnerable, to read this virus, and to treat patients – requires all of our care, and our full participation. And I want to tell you about the ways in which we are affected. Apple’s commitment to the global response to COVID-19 – both to help treat the sick and to reduce the economic and environmental effects of the pandemic – today reached $ 15 million worldwide. We are also announcing that we are matching our two-to-one staff contributions to support COVID-19 response efforts locally, nationally and internationally. First, I want to identify the Apple family in Greater China. Although the rate of infections has decreased dramatically, we know that the effects of COVID-19 are also strongly felt. I want to express my deepest gratitude to our team in China for their determination and spirit. To this day, all our stores in Greater China have reopened. I would also like to thank our team and colleagues for their amazing contributions to bringing back our supply chain. What we have written together has helped us all develop the best practices that greatly contribute to our global response. One of those studies is that the most effective way to reduce the risk of protein transmission is to reduce weight and increase social distance. As the rates of new infections continue to grow in other worlds, we are taking additional steps to protect our members and customers. We will be closing all our retail stores outside Greater China until March 27th. We are committed to providing exclusive service to our customers. Our online stores are open at, or you can download the Apple Store app on the App Store. For service and support, customers can visit I want to thank our unique retail teams for their dedication to improving the lives of our customers. Thank you all. In all of our offices, we are moving toward flexible work plans around the world outside of Greater China. That means members should work remotely if their work allows, and those whose work requires them to be on site should follow directions to increase personal space. Extensive, holy grail will continue in all areas. In all our offices, we are releasing new health monitors and temperature checks. All our part-time employees will continue to receive payments in accordance with the business as normal operations. We have expanded our vacation policies to accommodate the personal or family health conditions created by COVID-19 – including recovery from an illness, care for a sick loved one, mandatory exclusion, or child care challenges due to school closure. We know that our users depend on Apple products all the time, and especially in times like these. We bring the same creativity and desire to face this challenge we make in everything else we do.