Australian Competition and Consumer Council plans to run Apple and Google to increase store competition

Push us as the maker of Fortnite Epic Games to fight internet scams in a global legal battle over in-app purchases. Australian Competition and Consumer Council believes “future rules and regulations” may need to force technology giants to open their app stores to competition across the globe as Fortnite Games Epic Developer continues its global legal battle against Apple and Google on in-app payments. Developers for Apple’s iOS platforms must use the App Store, but Google allows you to install Android apps outside of the Play Store via direct download or other product sites, however downloading these methods is restricted.

In April, the ACCC launched an interim report as part of a long-running demand for digital platforms, arguing that while Apple and Google are competing with each other, both companies face very little competition in divisions app on their respective mobile platforms. The competition management suggests companies are becoming competitive with their control over what applications can do on their platforms.

The interim report argues that users should be able to choose other payment options outside of those provided by Apple and Google. They currently receive 15-30% cut from all purchases. The report also suggests users should be able to decide between automated applications and third-party applications that perform the same function and that Apple and Google should collect the negative data they collect in app products from the rest of their trades therefore not used. In a statement to the World Competition Review webinar on Thursday, ACCC chairman Rod Sims said the commission had not made final recommendations, but outlined more rules based on what other countries had done. and whether Apple and Google take steps that they believe are reasonable.

“It is possible, however, that future rules and regulations may be needed to achieve these goals,” Sims said in an earlier version of his statement. “We are closely following overseas transfers that aim to address the same competition and identified user concerns.” In-app payments have been the subject of lawsuits filed against both companies by Epic Games after Fortnite was removed from both app stores for defying Apple in-app purchases and Google composer forced to use.

Epic Games won a full federal court appeal last month to have the case heard in Australia while a similar case was heard by a US court. The ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court has not yet been settled and Apple has said it will appeal Australia’s decision to the Supreme Court. Sims noted that the European Commission is reviewing Apple Pay and Apple’s mobile ecosystem and is suing the U.S. Attorney General to Google over its app store. Sims suggested such international legal action, including the alleged Epic Games, could help make app stores more competitive before the ACCC goes its way.

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