Attention: Magnets in Third Party Features Can Destroy Some iPhone Cameras

Magnets in third-party accessories can damage various iPhone cameras depending on how they are positioned. Be careful while buying anything related to your phone. The magnets inside some of the iPhone features magnetic fields, which can affect the cameras facing your back. This problem happened to me over the weekend. I bought a wireless charger from Wal-Mart when I first got my iPhone 11. I spent years without thinking anything about it, without having a case (except occasionally not charged because it was not fully on the tray.). When I bought the iPhone 12 Pro, I received a notification about my charger.

On the Apple Support page, the company explains that the camera contained in some iPhones has a special feature that prevents images from becoming dirty if the camera moves while taking the photo. Known as optical image stabilization (OIS), this is an addition to some iPhones that have autofocus (AF). AF helps combat the effects of gravity and vibration to help maintain sharpness in poses, photos and panoramas.

The further support site explains that the OIS uses a gyroscope to understand that the camera is moving. The lens goes according to the gyroscope angle to help reduce image motion and blur. By closing the AF loop, the accelerometers on the board receive measurements and compensation for gravity and vibration effects. This is done by magnetic sensors, which determine the position of the lens for normal motion compensation.

The company explains that the lens-position sensors respond to magnetic fields. Placing a magnet near these sensors can temporarily damage or disable the sensor. Not only can this reduce the sensor accuracy, but it can also limit the amount of transmission available to the lenses. While users will also be able to take photos, it will not be with the benefit of OIS and closed-loop AF. Some third-party manufacturers make accessories with strong magnets or magnetizable metal plates. Often, these things are to be found near the camera / s iPhone back. There are several reasons why accessories have magnetic properties, such as latches for folio covers, mixing cases separately, or attaching racks.

All in all, it looks like my iPhone 11 has minor problems with my wireless charger. However, using it with my iPhone 12 seems to cause a lot of problems. While I do not want to continue using the charger in the name of science, it is likely that continuing to use it will say disaster for my iPhone 12 camera. Apple suggests that for optimal performance from your camera, avoid using accessories that use magnets and / or metal magnets near the iPhone / s rear camera. Contact Apple Support if you have removed the magnetic parts and you still have issues with your camera.

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