As the company prepares for major changes ahead of the WWDC / Digital Information World, it says Apple will launch its own search engine as soon as next week.

With WWDC in the next few days, many people are interested in seeing what Apple technology giant has played its part in terms of major developments coming. Among them is a rumor about Apple’s new search engine, which Robert Scoble says could be released as soon as next week. According to him, Apple has a lot of unique things planned, including some big changes, but we can expect a new search engine to arrive soon in the world of web search.

The news came as a publicity stunt by Robert via his Twitter account, next to a group post of humor where he added, “Will Siri be smart or not?” Other than that, what we do know is that there are some exciting things we planned as it is a fact we added, maybe a new pair of Apple glasses may soon be coming our way.

We have seen in the last few years how Apple has been excited about entering this space and how important it is. But the fact that it does not work very well makes people wonder what they are up to this time which can prove to be a big change. Remember in 2014, we saw the launch of the Apple Spider-Applebot. In the coming year, we guarantee the company is going up to the listing of its availability in terms of factors with a complete supply of representative information.

Now many questions are one. Is launching a new search engine for Siri efficient in answering users’ queries or are we seeing them dancing or indexing their way into the world wide web with a big purpose? If that is the case, how can we expect the new search engine to compete with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft, and Bing? And if the answer comes soon, then the bar will manage to compile a share from Google on the way?

We bet your heart is moving in the same direction as us and there are many questions that need answers. Right now, we just want to remind you that Google sent revenues to Apple in 2021 estimated for $ 15 billion so that it could be the default choice for search engines through Apple’s Safari. Obviously, this is a situation that Google does not want to give up, in any case.

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