As part of the world-wide upgrade, Apple is offering Live captions throughout the system

This Thursday (May 19th) is International Access Awareness Day, and Apple, like many other companies, is launching a support software in honor of the event. The business is rolling out new capabilities for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, with the most impressive feature being the Live captions throughout the system. Apple’s Live Text Messages, such as Google’s implementation on Android, will record audio playback on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac in real time, featuring on-screen subtitles. It will also capitalize on the noise around you, allowing you to keep up with real-world conversations. You will be able to change the size and position of the caption box, as well as the font size of the text.

The transcription is generated on the device, too. But unlike on Android, Live Text Messages on FaceTime calls will also clearly differentiate between speakers, using icons and names for voice recognition. Also, users of Macs will be able to type a response and communicate publicly in real time to others in the conversation. Live captions will be available as a beta in English for those in the US and Canada.

Apple is also updating its existing voice recognition application, which allows iPhones to constantly listen to noises such as alarms, sirens, doorbells or screaming children. With the upcoming update, users will be able to build their iPhones or iPads to listen to custom sounds, such as the song “I’m done” on your washing machine or your pet quacking, either. A new feature called Siri Waiting Time will also allow you to extend the assistant waiting time when answering or asking for something, so you can take your time to finish saying what you need.

The company is updating its Magnifier application which helps visually impaired people communicate with people and things around them. An expansion on the previous Discovery app that tells users like the others around them is deep, Apple is adding a new Door Discovery feature. This will use the iPhone’s LiDAR and camera to not only locate and identify doors, but will also read text or symbols on display, such as work hours and signs indicating living rooms or entrance doors. In addition, it will describe the handles, whether you need to push, pull or turn a button, as well as the color of the door, shape, material and whether it is closed or open. Together, Man and Door Discovery will be part of the new discovery mode at Magnifier.

Updates are also coming to the Apple Watch. Last year, the company introduced Touch Help, which allows people to interact with wearable without touching the screen. The garment will sense if the upper hand touches the abdomen or if the viewer touches their index finger and thumb together for a “squeeze” action. With the upcoming software update, it should be quick and easy to activate Fast Activities in touch help, which will allow you to use simulations like pinching twice to answer or end calls, take photos, start a workout or stop playing media.

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