Apple’s new MacBook Air design may not be so controversial

Apple fans have been wondering what kind of device is next in line for hardcore treatment, since the new MacBook Pro was released last month. Rumors have suggested that Air could be the next, controversial design touch leap from smartphone to laptop with the new MacBook Pro. But new reforms are suggesting the opposite. The new MacBook Air adapters feature a thinner and lighter design, available in multiple colors, matching previous rumors, based on leaked CAD files.

But here, there is no notoriety in sight.

Encouraged by recent adjustments by other talented players, these new perspectives by LeaksApplePro feature a flat-panel design, running away with a design — similar to the current MacBook Air. And much like the new MacBook Pro, it looks like the ports are back in style, with the MagSafe, Thunderbolt and headphone jack all included.

We are seeing especially pastel colors and white bezels, both reminiscent of the power of the iMac 2021 and its retro palette. But the thing is absolutely, in fact, arbitrarily missing in the notoriety. For the legions of detractors out there, this could only be a good thing – the notch has long been considered a blight on Apple’s supposedly ‘all-screen’ display.

But the removal of the notch has come at a cost in these new renders. The white bezel around the display is a big notice here, which presumably means the display is a little smaller. Which one is better, that comes to you – as a creature, would you prefer a smaller screen, or one that is larger with a higher degree of carelessness?

So, we will have to wait and see what exactly Apple has in its hands for the upcoming MacBook Air, which we say will arrive next year. From the inclusion of the powerful M1 Pro chip to the new name (“Air” moniker may finally be out there), we’ve already heard a lot of exciting tidbits about the new notebook. Check out our MacBook Air 2022 rumors page for everything in a world.