Apple’s higher-end iPad Air update now has the same performance capabilities as your MacBook

APPLE has officially announced the release of its advanced iPad Air tablet with a powerful M1 CPU and full 5G recording connection. Here is everything you need to know about it. 0 Section for comments Please share on Facebook. Tweet about it Please share this on LinkedIn. Share it to Pinterest Copy the URL. Apple introduces iPhone SE, a new ‘cheap’ model. Sign up for FREE to receive the latest news, reviews, and technical suggestions.

We use your registration to provide content in the ways you have received and to improve our understanding of you. This may include ads from us and third parties based on our understanding. You can remove it at any time. More info Fancy a new iPad? Well, Apple may have something to look forward to with the US technology giant unveiling the fully refurbished iPad Air at the “Peek” button in California. This looks like a pretty powerful upgrade from the US technology company with this new tablet taking its power from the very impressive M1 processor. That’s the same brains that now feature in the iPad Pro and new MacBooks.

Apple boasts that this new chip will make the iPad Air 60 per cent faster than the previous one and let’s face it, the previous Air is not a slouch. With the inside of the M1, the Air should be a very powerful device that will not struggle with any of its daily digital needs. Together with the speed bump, this new Air also has full access to 5G data speeds which means owners will be able to record movies and files at more than 300Mbps when leaving the existing line broadcast until them.

Other additional features coming to this tablet include a rear-facing camera and a snapshot front that has access to Apple’s smartwatch technology. This allows the camera to follow you around the room when making FaceTime calls and always stop shooting. For those who like writing on a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina Display screen, it is fully compatible with the new Apple Pencil and can be pulled into the Apple Magic Keyboard box to help transform it into a smaller computer.

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