Apple’s CarPlay voice commands are Pain in the Sky

Sound commands are an important part of today’s driving experience because they allow us to keep our eyes on the road while still interacting with the resources we need. At work, I use Apple CarPlay. Waze on CarPlayWaze This is why features like these are available in both Android Auto and CarPlay, and why parent companies are aiming to improve the whole experience. The most recent iOS update, however, does exactly the opposite, as it makes it difficult to communicate directly with Siri.

On the updated iPhone, the assistant introduced a new noise which not only stopped the conversation but also added an extra step before performing any task. In some cases, it takes longer to process the request, providing the user with the message “Work on it” just as annoying as it gets.

Deleting the message confirmation, which allows users to respond without hesitation to do so, does not make any difference, because the addition does not seem to be related to this program.

Obviously, the reduced experience with Siri on the latest iOS updates has affected many users out there, and discussion here on reddit, for example, shares the problem described above when trying to send a message with voice commands.

Unfortunately, Apple, known as the company that almost never discusses the vulnerabilities of users in its software, has not said a word about any plans to let Siri work directly in the car the.

But by the end of the day, this new behavior (because no, this is not a virus) more or less contradicts Apple’s intention of making communication with Siri feel more physical. Until the company finds a way to improve this deficit, staying with the extra noise and long time of running some commands is pretty much the only option for CarPlay users.

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