Apple will enable some applications to charge you more automatically

Apple has announced a change to its subscription system that aims to make automated upgrades easier but could lead to unexpected payments. The first method requires customers to log in before charging for a subscription that has recently increased in price. However, in the future, it will allow developers to automatically charge larger charges if certain conditions are met. Apple will notify customers of the charge via email and push notification in advance, but it is up to them to opt-out before they pay.

In a statement, the company said that developers can use the feature if they do not increase their price more than once a year. Further, the increase must not exceed $ 5 and 50 percent of the current subscription fee, or $ 50 and 50 percent of the current subscription fee. Unsurprisingly, that means users will automatically receive $ 15 for a subscription that is already $ 10. Otherwise, they will have to sign up for a $ 30 share that used to be only $ 20, because while that is 50 percent higher than the previous estimate, the increase is also way higher than $ 5.

Apple says users tend to miss out on requests asking them to sign up for higher subscription fees, which halts their service. If so, they are also likely to miss notifications about increased charges. As long as developers can only use the feature if they do not change the charges once a year, at least indifferent artists cannot take advantage of the system by constantly transferring their charges by two bucks or so. However, people with budgets may want to check their emails regularly and then to make sure they do not receive higher fees than what hey might suddenly pay.

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