Apple takes action against over 1.6 million malicious applications

Apple has unveiled some lighting statistics about its store security measures ahead of the launch of WWDC 2022 next week, during which the iPhone manufacturer will launch new versions of the software for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. During the WWDC keynote session on Monday, May 6, Apple is likely to repeat some of these results. In short, Apple announced on Wednesday that its security measures in 2021 have saved customers about $ 1.5 billion in “possibly fraudulent” purchases. Apple also blocked more than 1.6 million “fraudulent and risky” applications from scamming customers.

To be sure, there are always some myths involved in identifying damages that may result from something that does not actually occur. The information below, however, provides more insight into how Apple reached those decisions. Last year, for example, the company said it blocked more than 3.3 million credit cards stolen from App Store purchases. That figure also helps explain the part where the “$ 1.5 billion in fraudulent transactions” comes from.

Today’s deals: $ 4 smart plugs, rare AirTag deal, $ 899 MacBook Air, light tooth brushes, more. From the release of Apple News on Thursday: “Apple’s efforts to curb and reduce fraud on the App Store require continuous monitoring and vigilance across multiple parties. From Application Review to Discovery Fraud, Apple’s ongoing commitment to protect users from fraudulent application activity reveals once again the reason why independent, respected security experts have said that the App Store is the safest place to find and record applications. ” By 2021, Apple continues to roll out, the Application Review process helps more than 107,000 new developers get their applications on the App Store. Even though that process is not as straightforward as it may sound.

Sometimes, approximate materials can be a little incomplete, for example. Or have bugs that hinder their performance when the application is first submitted for certification. Apple may also need more robust content balancing systems in the world for any user-generated content.

“By 2021, more than 835,000 new troubleshooting applications, and an additional 805,000 app updates, will be rejected or removed for many reasons such as that,” Apple said. As part of the Application Review process, Apple also emphasizes that such decisions are not final. Any developer “who feels they have been wrongly flagged” for fraud can appeal to Apple’s App Review Board. Apple also notes that it builds some apps from the App Store for “destructive offenses” of Apple guides. The iPhone maker said the breach was the kind that could harm or damage the general user experience.

In 2021, Apple added that the Application Review team built more than 34,500 applications from its app market. Cause? For “containing hidden or unlicensed parts”. In fact, more than 157,000 applications were built from the App Store for other purposes. Thus, for example, Apple has determined that those applications are “spam, duplicate, or misleading to users, as their manipulation into purchasing.”

As noted above, Apple is likely to touch on some of these findings early in the WWDC 2022. key release. move me into a specific OS version.

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