Apple sued for '$2 priceless trillion' following 2018 iPhone repair

A man tried to sue Apple, saying the company had kept his iPhone after a repair and used “special features” on its phone to develop features in iOS.

Complaints filed on June 1 by Raevon Terrell Parker before the American district court of the eastern district of Missouri accuse Apple of having removed his iPhone. Parker revolves around an iPhone repair in October 2018, but the claims quickly veered into unusual territory.

Parker says he went to the Apple Store in Saint Louis Galleria to fix a problem with his smartphone, detailed in other vouchers like an iPhone 7. Store staff repaired the iPhone, but Parker says that ‘They “kept it by deceiving the complainant knowing that it was the first phone to have new features”, and instead provided a replacement iPhone.

Parker explaining the reason for the trial in his own words.

Related documents regarding an earlier attempt to sue Apple over this matter point to a number of other problems Parker faces with the repair, including losing phone settings, “resetting passwords” and downloading purchases from the App Store.

In addition, the so-called “new features” apparently include setting up the iPhone to “bypass certain startup loading screen options”, which allows iPhones to “communicate with other devices faster and more precisely.” A bolder claim in the earlier lawsuit includes Parker ‘s claim for “discovery of the Group FaceTime function”.

These features apparently helped Apple “create iOS 12,” which Parker thought should be compensated in the previous lawsuit.

Parker's previous assessment of items claimed in the previous prosecution attempt.

Parker’s previous assessment of items claimed in the previous prosecution attempt.

The previous file, dated March 28, 2019, included an assessment of the iPhone 7 in question at $ 1 trillion, iOS 12 at $ 1 trillion, “the mindset of Raevon Terrell Parker” as “priceless” and with an amount total claimed for materials of “priceless $ 2 billion.” An additional $ 900 is charged for the rental of the iPhone 7 by Apple, bringing the total claims amount to “$ 2,000 billion and 900 $ USD and a priceless item ”.

The 2019 trial was dismissed by the court in May 2019, after Apple managed to convince a judge that the complaint had not made a motion. For the new trial, Parker also strangely included a file claiming that he owned the patents for “iOS 12.0.1 and later” and “iOS 13 and later”.

When it comes to relief, Parker again wants $ 1 trillion from Apple, “because of hospitalizations, travel, distress, humiliation, embarrassment, [and] defamation of character. “Parker further suggests” I do not think the plaintiff can be compensated for having been classified as insane. ”

At the time of publication, no hearing date has been set for the trial.

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