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We learned a lot from Steve Jobs… To those of us who work in technology, advertising, and media, his approach to keeping innovation and cultivating the perfect culture is inspiring and mysterious. No single Apple company has come in – or at least one – for individuals who enjoy design and technology. When I fumble with my dreaded Prius multifunction display, my office A / remote control C, or when I wonder why the $ 2,000 battery help bike I plan to purchase will not erase the memory of the system to upgrade the software that appears to be. stuck in version 1.0, I imagine how the Cupertino guys would have handled it. Needless to say, I do the same thing when I look at media materials or magazine / magazine designs, many of which appear to be a devastating killer of malice and lack of imagination.

For years, I have been reading everything I can about Apple from a management / innovation perspective. As a business journalist, I find Apple to be the most frustrating company to follow. A lot more comes out. The culture (and cult) of privacy size more than any season employee; even the usually profligate academic literature is rather broad when it comes to Apple.

However, over the course of 14 years, as it has affected many sectors, Apple’s unexpected turn has brought more clues. I try to isolate some with more resources outside the technology world. What interests me is Apple’s range from the choice of tempered glass for my MacBook Pro’s trackpad (instead of cheaper plastic), to the use of its big money, towards the way the company has provided itself for the after-hours service. -action.

Apple is a $ 100bn revenue company with a small number of products: about 30 different models for four lines of items (computers, phones, artists, tablets). In Jobs’ personal words: “Focus is on talking no more” (1997 video here). Apple may always be tempted to wander in new markets. Especially since you have expanded to mobile space. Instead, management chooses to focus on things that can do better than the competition, regardless of alleged customer expectations or pundits concerns. Right now (as an example), the iPhone is available in a single screen size (instead of dozens for each of its competitors) and Apple is adding features only by following its thought-based quality.

This is linked to the confusing question of alternatives. News marketing, whether print or digital, is sensitive to external and internal influences. On the web, there are “must have” or timeless features that the digital editor cannot avoid. Each Fiefdom editor requires searching on the home page. It leads to confusion and to the reader’s inability to understand what is important, what media power and sometimes what the space or application is about.

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