Apple Music automatically installs on the iPhone dock, changing other applications

Apple Music seems to be plagued by a glitch that has angered many consumers. When recording, the software puts itself on the iPhone dock, according to some users. It even replaces pre-installed programs. Apple Music Downloads Other Apps on iPhone Dock. According to TechCrunch, the defect was discovered after some users downloaded Apple Music. Instead of appearing on the iPhone’s Home Screen, the app appears in the dock. What annoys some users even more is the fact that the program has removed some installed applications in order to have its own dock. Long-term iPhone users will know that this should not happen normally. Therefore, it is believed that it is an insect that needs to

Exercise Set Yourself as a Default Music Service for Siri In addition, some users reported that Apple Music established itself as the default application for finding music through Siri. Again, the event occurs even when the user has selected a different default music application. Kevin Archer, a subscriber to Apple Music, previously said the app replaces non-Apple apps that just installed on the iPhone dock. However, TechCrunch and others prove it to be untrue. The app also replaces even Apple’s own software. So this should avoid the possibility that this is an example of Apple giving care of selecting its own applications.

The issue will affect iOS versions and iPhone models. TechCrunch also pointed out that the virus affected various iPhone models as well as different versions of iOS 15. Hence, the virus may not have been caused by recent updates. The report says that Apple has started getting into the problem. That further confirms that Apple did not intentionally let Apple Music behave as it should. We agree that Apple would like to have more subscribers for Apple Music, but we do not believe that will go as it deliberately influenced its application on iPhone users. And if Apple wanted that to happen, we’re sure it would have done so in a more commercial way. Hopefully, Apple comes up with a fix for that case. However, suspicions may arise at a pretty fast pace, especially in light of the many antitrust cases facing Apple.

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