Apple has released an Android application to help in finding the nefarious AirTags

Apple has released a new Android application called Finder Tracker in response to a method created instead of a major misuse of AirTag. The app is designed to help Android users find any AirTags that may have been planted on them or their cars in order to track their location. The Search Tracker application, which is now available on the Google Play Store, is compatible with item trackers compatible with Apple’s Find My Network. Apple’s AirTag is one of them, according to the Chipolo ONE Spot. Tracker Discovery, as mentioned in the app description, can find trackers an item that has been “dedicated to their master.” Obviously, tracking people will be a fantastic tool of this.

So right now, Android users who feel they might be the target of an attempt by someone using AirTags can check for tracking devices in their area. A simple Scanning Option on the Tracker Detection Application will let you find any unpredictable AirTags around you. If the application detects an unknown AirTag in your area, it will give you three options to address it. – If we find an AirTag that sees you live with it for more than 10 minutes, Discover Tracker will let you activate an item on AirTag to better help you find it.

Once you are there, you can even check the AirTag serial number via the “Write About This Item” option on the app. – As a third option, the application will also show you ways to remove AirTag by removing your battery. You can easily push down on the back of the AirTag and push in the opposite direction to remove the cover then the battery.

Posting their release in April, AirTags spread concerns over their ability to monitor someone’s real-time location without their permission – in the form of an application for navigation. A device that costs a lot of money from Apple can be slipped into anyone’s purse or wallet or car, thus transferring the person’s real-time location to the real owner of the AirTag.

The first response from Apple to concerns was just updating the AirTags update to hear the noise if they left their respective iPhone. Since then, AirTags noise from alerting nearby people at random times between 8 and 24 hours is far from their connected phone. In case there is an iPhone in the area, the iPhone will display an alert of another tracker around them.

So far, such protections against AirTags are missing for Android users. Apple announced back in May that it will be coming up with an Android application later this year that will let Android users see unattended AirTag around them. Now that the application is out, it remains to be seen how successful it is in protecting users against browsing attempts by AirTags.

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