Apple has made 2020 the year of value — so far

It’s not like Apple makes cheap devices this year, but 2020 sees a clear trend toward higher value on iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Apple iPhone SE featured on 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro

If purchase cost is your primary consideration, you will not be buying Apple devices. It’s not like the services are working so well that Apple is offering iPhones to make them work.

While 2019 was clearly the year of services, 2020 seems to be the year of value. This is certainly the case so far, but it looks like it will continue even with the launch of the 2020 “iPhone 12” line.

So far, overall, Apple appears to have stopped prices rising and is providing more dollar hardware compared to the 2019 lineup.

The new iPhone SE

The most remarkable example is the new second generation iPhone SE. Some people sniff material that looks like the iPhone 8, or the iPhone 7, or even the iPhone 6s, and for many people, the single camera isn’t going to cut it. But for everyone, this new low-end iPhone is a wonder.

Apple may have been smart in taking advantage of its old case designs and the manufacturing tools that do, but the company has also struggled to give the iPhone SE the same guts as the ‘iPhone 11. Starting at $ 399, the cheapest iPhone is not what you would call an occasional purchase, but it roughly matches the performance of the iPhone 11, and it completely blows up Android phones lighthouses.

Second generation Apple iPhone SE
Second generation Apple iPhone SE

There is no way, of course, that Apple saw how the world economy would evolve, and therefore decided to build an iPhone inexpensively unnecessarily, since we have been hearing consistent rumors about it for about nine month. Even Apple can’t turn on a penny and deliver 10 million iPhones in the middle of a pandemic in a month.

Perhaps, however, he saw in mid-2019 that the time for increasingly expensive iPhones was coming to an end and that it needed to grow by grabbing more Android switches.

Next “iPhone 12”

It definitely seems that Apple will not follow the path of the manufacturers of Android and will not increase the price of its range “iPhone 12” following the addition of 5G support. Although we can never really know until Tim Cook or Phil Schiller get up on the stage and tell us, it looks like Apple will hold up prices from last year.

This is not entirely true, but it is practically. According to price leaks, the two high-end Pro models will keep the prices of 2019. The low-end, what could have been called the entry-level model if it had not been for the new iPhone SE, changes in price, but mainly because it changes everything.

Rather than a model similar to the iPhone 11 priced at $ 699, we will have two. One of them will cost more at $ 749, but the other would be $ 649.

Apple doesn’t make low prices, but when they want, they can make it cheaper

Apple iPad range

The iPad Pro 2020 might not be everything we expected – or maybe even everything Apple wanted – but what it certainly wasn’t, was more expensive.

Apple introduced the iPad Pro 2020 for the same prices as its immediate predecessor, the 2018 models. Except that Apple has also changed what you get for the lowest prices.

This has been an issue with Apple for so long. Many, or most, devices come with a basic configuration that is simply unworkable. This means that Apple is getting a price that looks as good as it can to this business, but users still have to spend more to get a device that works.

The refresh of the iPad Pro 2020 was not huge, but it included double the storage for the same price
The refresh of the iPad Pro 2020 was not huge, but it included double the storage for the same price

You can safely say that this has been the case since the beginning of the Mac, because this original model from 1984 was undernourished. It has become more standard, however, in recent years, as Apple generally displays a good, better, and better option in its custom store pages.

With the iPad Pro 2018, that meant that for the starting price of $ 799 for an 11-inch model, or $ 999 for a 12-inch model, you had 64 GB of storage. For the two 2020 models, you start with 128 GB for the same price, and in addition, a new LiDAR scanner.

It’s a clear and demonstrable improvement in value for money, especially since the iPad Pro hasn’t changed much. However, there are more intangible improvements across the iPad range, for example, Apple now offers a regular iPad starting at $ 329.

For the vast majority of users, this iPad is more than enough, and at the end of 2019, it offered a larger 10.2-inch screen for the same price as the 2018 9.7-inch model.

New Mac and MacBook Pro models

If the iPhone SE is Apple’s best child offering better value, the company’s portable Macs are not far behind. This is particularly the case with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, again a 2019 version on the calendar, but released during Apple’s 2020 fiscal year.

While everyone predicts a larger screen, everyone assumed better specifications, and most everyone hoped for a better keyboard, no one saw the price coming. Even supply chain sources believed that this new MacBook Pro would come at a much, much higher price than it did.

So much so that it was even assumed that the 16 inch model would be part of the range above the 15 inch version then in force, and not that it would replace it – for the same price.

This year, the MacBook Air has regained its title of MacBook the best value for money to buy. He would have achieved this simply by using the same new magic keyboard as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, but Apple also lowered the price by a hundred dollars.

It was for the base model, but Apple also introduced new options for MacBook Air buyers, which it didn’t have before. There was now a choice of processors and speeds, and a slightly expanded choice of storage.

Then, with the recently revamped 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple again met the same price as the previous model, but gave us more. In truth, although this 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro is a tempting machine, it doesn’t add much to the lineup.

It did not, for example, have the 14-inch screen expected. However, it does have the new Magic Keyboard, and Apple has doubled its storage while maintaining the same price.

Likewise, when the Mac mini 2018 got what you can charitably call a refresh in March 2020, the only noticeable difference was that you get more for your money.

Instead of the basic model at $ 799 with a 128 GB SSD, you have 256 GB. In the Mac mini, the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, it’s the difference between a machine you will regret and a machine that you might like.


As Apple users, we are so used to talking about large sums of money that they become normal. Even at $ 999, a MacBook Air is an expensive laptop – it’s worth it in terms of performance, build quality, lifespan, and the fact that it runs on macOS.

However, if Apple now surprises us from time to time with the strange doubling of storage for the same price, it is also just as capable of making us jump.

At least in 2020, however, this has really only been done twice. The first was the announcement of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, which is available in an 11-inch version for $ 299 and a 12.9-inch version for $ 349.

In addition to having to spend about a third as much as you did on the iPad Pro to get a keyboard, it’s also much more than Apple’s previous options. To be fair, the Smart Keyboard Folio ($ 179 for the 11-inch, $ 199 for the 12.9-inch), doesn’t really compare to the engineering of the new option.

In fact, he doesn’t compare that where Apple generally replaces an article with its successor, the company continues to sell this version of the Smart Keyboard Folio.

It’s also true that you have alternatives to Apple’s offerings for an iPad Pro keyboard, while Apple’s highest price for head and eyes for 2020, so far you have none. .

The same day that Apple announced what is probably its best value iPhone, it also announced what is actually its best value wheel set. But only because he has never offered wheels before, and maybe never again unless he releases an Apple car.

The Apple Mac Pro wheel kit – a set of four wheels to go on a 2019 Mac Pro – costs $ 699. The idea is that if you bought a Mac Pro with feet, you could now swap wheels, which meant there was an option to go the other way as well. If you originally purchased wheels, you can now order the Apple Mac Pro stand kit for just $ 299.

This is really how Apple works most often. He can never make $ 299 for the feet, but he manages to make us believe that it is more reasonable than the $ 699 for the wheels.

It is certainly true that Apple remains expensive, but what passes too easily is that Apple is very, very and three times very good in terms of price. No price is casually obtained, and no price is obtained independently of everything else.

This means that Apple’s progress towards the end of 2019, and so far throughout 2020, towards better value for money is no coincidence. The company has foreseen this, and this is one of the reasons why we buy – in every way – that the “iPhone 12” range will be at the price announced to us.

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