Apple, Google, and Microsoft all reported huge quarterly earnings

This story was first published at, ”with a link to the article on It was that time of year again, when most of the rich technology businesses reported exactly the same amount of wealth they had grown over the past three months. Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all benefited from global locks and their endpoints due to the magical combination of creating software to enable remote operation and products that can be purchased at brick-and-mortar stores.

Apple made the biggest leap, recording the largest Q2 earnings in the entire 45-year history of the company. Which is not a job meant for a company that is worth more than all the GDP of some countries. Google Alphabet Inc.’s quarterly revenue and parental profit have increased to record highs, powered by an increase in advertising spending as more customers buy online.

Overall, Apple made US $ 21.7 billion profit between April and May – an increase of 93 per year. Total revenue was US $ 81.4 billion, mainly through the sale of the iPhone 12 which grew 50 per cent during this period a year ago. But services – think Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple News and many other names with the word “Apple” in front of them – grew 33 per cent to hit even US $ 17.5 billion. But that’s not all the good news, with Apple officials taking the time to navigate the sports car and property to warn that the end of the year is unlikely to be impressive thanks to a global depletion finally catching up. the work.

“We expect supply constraints during the September quarter to be greater than what we experienced during the June quarter,” financial director Luca Maestri told investors. “The restrictions will primarily affect the iPhone and iPad.” Three technology companies have put together an unparalleled role while redesigning the way we deliver powerful asset results. Three technology companies have put together an unparalleled role while redesigning the way we deliver powerful asset results.

Boasting is almost a quarter of an impressive figure at Alphabet, Google’s omnipotent parent company. The business recorded revenue of US $ 61.8 billion, up 62 per cent during this period last year. Profits even close to Apple, with the company record a total of US $ 18.5 billion, double what it posted a year ago.

Anyone who knows how Google is making your money will not be surprised to hear that most of this comes from search and advertising, although Google Cloud and ‘Other Betting’ are also increasing their popularity. Lastly, but certainly not too low for a specific price, Microsoft is. The company generated revenues of US $ 46.2 billion, up 21 percent year-over-year. Interestingly, profits rose 47 per cent to hit US $ 16.5 billion, in particular. Working remotely has helped Microsoft reach powerful features.

Microsoft’s strong numbers are driven by software that helps remote work: Cloud cloud jumped 30 percent from where it was a year ago, while commercial applications (Office, LinkedIn and the like) grew by 25 per cent. While ‘rich companies are rich’ may not be the most surprising of the headlines, it is surprising that all three industries – dinosaurs in technical terms with an average age of 114 – do not reflect the a brand that ‘made Yahoo’ after many years in the industry. top.

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