Apple, Google, and Microsoft all announced plans to delete passwords

On Thursday, Apple, Google, and Microsoft unveiled plans to remove passwords in favor of more secure security procedures. The information is available a few days before World Password Day, which is observed on the first Thursday of May each year. It emphasizes the use of secure password exercises, although many large technology companies require only password authentication is one of the most important security issues on the web.

“Initially, what we are doing is allowing you to use your device on a daily basis – the same thing you do several times a day – to unlock your device now to log in, in a way that is just jumping and more secure than whatever goes. it does today, ”said Megan Shamas, spokeswoman for FIDO, the certification agency managing the case.

Together, Apple, Google and Microsoft plan to follow the initiative created by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. That means websites and apps may offer a “never-ending option,” according to a news release. Users will log in with the same method they use several times a day to unlock their devices, such as a simple certificate of their fingerprint or face, or a device pin.

Tips to strengthen passwords and secure password protectors. Without passwords, users will not need to store their personal information on a remote server. Instead, their private data will be stored on their device. The system protects your privacy and makes the overall access process more secure, according to the release. Microsoft estimates that 921 password attacks are available per minute. The total data breach is worth more than $ 4 million. They are becoming more common, in particular, giving 68% from 2020 to 2021.

“Whatever you use to unlock your device, whether it is face or fingerprint, or design or share, you can use this to login across all your devices, and the data is private to you. And most importantly… you get the need for a password completely out of the equation, ”Shamas said. Most platforms use passwords without a password, but the newly announced partnership will make it more common. The change will not be immediate but FIDO expects the internet to have no more password by 2023.

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