Apple continues to help save lives in a variety of ways

Apple continues to be credited with helping save the lives of more people, with a roundup of reports focusing more on life-changing events.

Reports regularly surface when someone has been in distress or in a life-threatening situation, to be assisted by Apple in various ways. In a collection of five on such events, the Apple and its revolutionary features prove to be exceptional.

The group, compiled by CNET, showcases different ways Apple has provided help, from things focused on health to the primary digital assistant Siri.

A year ago, Heather Hendershot of Pomona, Kansas received notifications on her Apple saying her heart rate was above 120 beats per minute, part of Apple’s elevated heart rate notification system. The notifications continued through the night despite the absence of symptoms, with Hendershot admitting that she thought Apple’s laptop was incorrect because “I couldn’t feel my heart beating.”

The next day, Henderson was taken to an emergency care clinic as a precaution, which resulted in a diagnosis of hyperthyroidism. “It wasn’t until I heard the doctors mention the ICU that I realized how serious the situation was,” Henderson said.

“I’m not someone who checks their heart rate at random,” she continued, “so I’m very confident that I couldn’t have detected it without Apple.”

Some changes to health features in OS 7 include new types of training and sleep tracking.

Another from Jason Saucier from Orlando, Florida in September 2019 had Apple’s laptop warning of possible heart problems a few weeks after he started to feel unwell. “As soon as I put on my device it made a sound that I had never heard before. I looked down and he said I was in aFib,” Saucier says.

After going to work that morning and enduring the repeated alert, Saucier finally sought help from an emergency room after co-workers said he looked very pale. “As soon as I got there, the cardiology team immediately told me that I was about to go into cardiac arrest,” he adds.

After being released the next day, he received the same notification a week later, but went straight to the ER instead of ignoring it. Five more days in the hospital, three of them in aFib, and he was released with a new heart medicine.

“It’s like a security blanket,” Saucier suggests of Apple. “I think it’s probably going to be a permanent thing for me for the rest of my life. And it’s good that I have this to help me watch him.

Apple encourages activity by closing its three iconic rings.

Apple encourages activity by closing its three iconic rings.

A third tale explained how George Kometiani of Brooklyn, New York, lost weight and became healthier. At the age of 30, he decided to do something about his poor health, which was caused by a weight of almost 300 pounds, including knee clicks and snoring.

On the advice of his doctor, he lost 30 pounds by changing his eating habits, but finding that he had lost muscle mass and the snoring continued, he changed his strategy to one surrounding the famous rings. ‘Apple. He made an effort to close his moving ring every day, as well as take note of exercise challenges and other notifications to get in shape.

“It really helped me understand how much effort I needed to put into my day,” Kometiani insisted. “These little things from a non-critical, disconnected point of view really help.” A year later, Kometiani had lost 100 pounds, along with his snoring, joint pain, back pain and headache.

The report also states that Appleiphonestop has already covered, such as Kacie Anderson’s car crash and using Siri to call for help, and Toralv Ostvang from Norway who got help from the police after triggering the late night fall detection function.

It’s likely that more of Apple’s citing as behind saving a life or improving a person’s fitness will continue for some time, and Apple is by no means finished with the addition of features and functionality. In OS 7, Apple will get new sleep tracking features, new types of health record data, hearing health changes, four new workouts, a redesigned fitness app, and a sleep timer. 20 seconds to wash your hands.

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