Apple carOS is rumored to be working on a mid-range Tesla dashboard

Apple’s car has been the subject of much speculation, and some new information has been received from experts: the electric car will be powered by a carOS model similar to Tesla’s. While the carOS name is not mentioned, the prediction is that Apple is working on a software platform that can control every aspect of a car service, to start the device to play music from an Apple Music library. This comes from DigiTimes (via, and while the carOS name is not mentioned, the prediction is that Apple is working on a software platform that can manage every aspect of a car service, to launch the device to handle music works from an Apple Music library.

We anticipate that this type of software will also use a larger, mid-dashboard screen like the current Tesla cars. Dashboards on Tesla Motors are dominated by the display, and do not offer anything in the way of physical keys or dials. The same report also mentioned a Control Unit (DCU) for Apple Cars, which apparently handles all important data processing while driving. An unnamed Korean company is said to be working on a DCU for Apple.

If what we are hearing is correct, it looks like DCU and carOS will handle more or less everything that happens in the car. In other words, we are talking about something beyond what you can use with the existing CarPlay experience – maps, music, and other audio applications. We haven’t heard much in recent months about the Apple Car – indeed, some executives have reported that they have left the project – but this latest update suggests that Apple is still moving forward with its plans to bring an electric car. yours out.

At this stage it will be a big surprise if Apple does not work on its own car technology – but that also does not guarantee that an actual Apple Car will launch (see also the long-running rumors around Apple’s television system). Apple chief Tim Cook has been skeptical of the company’s intentions in terms of vehicle development, but has hinted that Apple is looking at automated driver software, not a physical car that can drive around.

We’ve seen Apple launch events without mentioning any of Apple’s car – much like we’d love to see such an announcement – and it will obviously be a major move by Apple, to an area that doesn’t have much experience in Making cars is not easy, as Tesla has seen, but if any company had the tools and knowledge — how to pull it off, it would be Apple. We’re not sure if an Apple Car will appear, but if it does, it could be as important as the launch of the first iPhone.

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