Apple Calling Triple Charges ‘Hypocrisy’

Although Meta will account for 47.5 percent of the revenue of digital content creators, Apple predicts that 30% of in-app sales make it difficult for authors to profit from their work. Apple says the Meta decision, which will cost half of the assets of the metaverse authors, is hypocritical, given the social network attacks on Apple’s 30 percent stake. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, unveiled ideas earlier this week to expand the options available to developers for selling virtual machines in bulk. However, on top of the 30% hack currently received on sales through its Meta Quest platform, the business aims to cut 25% of those sales. Three will capture 47.5 percent of digital content creators in total.

The move, according to Apple, “exposes the hypocrisy of the Three.” “Three have repeatedly targeted Apple for charging developers 30% for in-app purchases at the App Store,” Apple spokesman Fred Sainz told Marketwatch. “Now, Meta is looking to charge the same developers more specifically than any other platform.” In November, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Facebook that the company “is focused on opening up opportunities for creators to make money from their work. The 30% interest that Apple receives on transactions makes it difficult to do that. ”

At the time, Zuckerberg teased up promotional links for developers for their subscribing friends, which Facebook would not accept a hack, and talked about the previously announced $ 1 billion investor investment. Earlier that year, Facebook also announced that it would keep online payment events, fan subscriptions, badges, and free newsletters free until 2023.

Here’s the Big Three on Mark Zuckerberg Security. Apple fixes embarrassing Studio Display Firmware Problem. All bets are off in the metaverse, although, apparently. Currently, Meta has a strong track record there; Meta’s Quest 2 estimates 78% of the market by 2021, according to IDC. While Apple has not competed directly in the AR / VR space yet, an Apple headset has been a long-awaited one. We will have to wait and see how much Apple charges for developers on your altar will be compared to that of Meta if and when such an altar arrives.

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