Apple announces requirements for deleting “rejected” applications from the App Store, as well as extending the response time

Apple is publishing its requests for the removal of applications left in response to recent reports of software being deleted from the App Store. The agency also said the process was not new, but instead was part of a six-year plan. After notification, the developers will have extra time to comply. The program began in September 2016 as part of a larger push to revamp the App Store with daily updates and more transparent policy decisions. The agency announced that it would remove software that had been written by developers or that had been suspended. It is wise to remove software that years ago did not work when users downloaded on new devices, but it does not always appear.

Six years later after beating the configuration on dev relatives, Apple is still learning how to increase its relationship with developers. Part of that effort was instrumental in publishing his instructions for how he chose to remove materials he thought he had written. As part of the App Store Improvement process, developers of applications that have not been updated within the last three years and fail to meet the minimum download threshold – meaning that the application has not been downloaded at all or at times very little during this 12-month period. – receive an email telling them that their app has been identified for a possible removal from the App Store.

Emphasizing that the program has been running for years as a standard App Store maintenance, Apple shares that it has removed 2.8 million applications and counts for meeting these requirements. One thing that is new, however, is how long Apple is now allowing developers to respond to written app notices. When Apple notifies a developer that an application appears to have been rejected and is under withdrawal, the company gives developers 90 days to update their app and avoid removal. Prior to this change, developers have 30 days to comply. Read more about policy on Apple’s development site. Apple says it has revised its page describing the exercise well for cleanliness.

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