Anyone can monitor anyone’s movements via iPhone photos, warning from Apple

Customers have been warned that the focus on the Apple iPhone means that anyone is able to track any precise location. The Sun reports that, this means data including where you live, work and travel can be accessed just to view data on a photo taken in any location. Once an image is sent to another user, that person is able to find out exactly when and – most importantly – where it was taken.

But this is not a total invasion of your privacy. For example, metadata will be automatically removed when photos are uploaded to another location, such as social media.

The good news is that it is possible to change a particular program. See below for instructions.

Historically, iPhone users are looking for more information about the photos stored on their device will need to download a third-party application.

But that metadata is now free as part of the iOS 15 update, which includes Do Not Disturb feature, extended private settings, and FaceTime compatibility with PCs and Android devices.

In the Photos application, it is possible to swipe up and find out more information, including the shutter speed and the device used to take the image.

But this can be turned off in location settings.

First, find the image you want to lose location from your folder. Then, swipe up. Click Edit. Then click No Location. To completely remove location settings, see below.

First, open Settings Then hit Area Services Push Privacy Scroll to Camera and select Hit Ma

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