Annual Holidays: Rumors about cutting iPhone production may be close

Happy Production Cutmas Eve to those who celebrate!

What the hell is the Cutmas production, you ask? Why, it’s the annual celebration of iPhone production cuts that people go crazy almost every year, usually starting in December and then through January.

The Macalope hasn’t seen any reports yet, but the iPhones are likely to have been released later this year than in previous years. It will surely be announced tomorrow or the day after or the day after tomorrow. It’s technically possible that production cutmas will be canceled this year (stupid pandemic!), But if history is any lesson, we should soon be receiving absolutely gigantic iPhone production cuts rumors because no one likes iPhones.

The real reason for the production cuts, of course, is that Apple ramps up production for the fall iPhone launch and then scales it back after initial demand has dropped slightly. For some reason this perfectly logical explanation is thrown out the window so that analysts can get into the holiday spirit and make outlandish claims about the weak demand for the iPhone and how Apple will cease to market overnight because iPhones are gone.

Production Cutmas’ most jaw-dropping celebration took place between late 2017 and early 2018 when experts said iPhone X production was cut (see, “production has been discontinued”, that’s where the Production Cutmas name from 2000 years ago) by as much as 60 percent, proving that the iPhone X was a junk device that nobody wanted. Later in the year, of course, we learned that the iPhone X sold pretty well all year and we all learned a valuable lesson about speculation and never celebrated production times again hahaha no, of course we have. done the same ridiculous exercise all over again.

The Cutmas production doesn’t necessarily come every year and some years are celebrated more heavily than others, but there is certainly predictability for certain things.

For example…

“Samsung and Xiaomi plan to ship the next smartphones without a charger after mocking Apple for the same move.”


All. It’s not because Samsung and Xiaomi believe that not shipping chargers is the right thing to do, it’s that they can get away with it now because it’s the industry standard why Apple does. The Macalope fondly remembers when other companies began offering silver-colored laptops with black keys after Apple introduced the MacBook Air and Lenovo’s CEO called it “the natural evolution of space.” They weren’t copying Apple, it’s just that over time the design naturally leads to silver laptops with black keys.

Well, here we are in another year of the same nonsense.

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