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It could be good news for cyber criminals of Android and iOS smartphones taking over the world. You will want to compare Android and iOS, if you have a mobile security issue. This is how they measure across different parts. It can reduce the number of applications available, but it helps to reduce malicious applications as Apple closely scans every app on its app store.

have a lot more apps to choose from than on the iOS App Store, but there is a huge world of hackers who can let you come across the platform to spread malware applications.

In many cases, high-end applications with hundreds of downloads from the Android app store have been discovered to contain malware.

Android users can also change their settings to allow applications from outside the Android application store. This provides an even choice of apps, but still puts users at risk even of malware.

Apple devices and their OS are no different, giving them more control over how they work together. While accessories are more restrictive than Android phones, the compact design of the iPhone makes security vulnerabilities less frequent and hard to find.

The unlocked nature of Android means that it can be installed on many devices. Depending on the manufacturer and model, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Some devices integrate perfectly with Android while others leave significant security vulnerabilities.

Device security across Android devices also varies – some offer retinal and fingerprint scanners while others are limited to passwords and instructions.

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