Analysts expect the smaller Apple TV to be on the way

Will Apple launch a low-cost version of its streaming device, the Apple TV? That is a decision primarily by whether or not you trust the reports. Apple may create a cheaper version of the Apple TV in the future, which will help compete with the budget devices provided by Roku, Amazon, and Google, according to technology blogs last week. Each of those three companies sells powerful streaming equipment, with the average price of a powerful 4K streaming dongle hovering around $ 50 (Roku sells streaming devices for as little as $ 20, and sometimes decreases during Black Friday, while Amazon Light TV devices are always on sale for around $ 20 or $ 30 a piece).

Apple, on the other hand, always chooses to target customers who want to drop hundreds of dollars on their phones, tablets and computers – so why are streaming devices not different? Its new streaming platform comes in three variants, with a basic HD model clocking at a cost of $ 150.

Apple fans say the app is well-suited for the game: The unofficial home screen makes it stand out from everything else on the market, as is the internal circuitry of the game that plays Apple’s highest standards. you find it on most of your iPhones and iPads. Even the first generation Apple TV HD device released in 2015 is still supported by the company, with regular operating system updates and new features supported – some Roku devices may not even qualify for that.

However, cheap streams dominate the site, with Roku Amazon together accounting for 80 percent of the in-house TV streaming market. Apple found itself in an unusual position of being the fourth-fastest in the four – and a cheaper streaming device could help it move forward. Last Friday, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said exactly where the company is headed, tweeting that Apple “will launch a new version of its advanced Apple TV system later this year.” It does not give any clue as to what that cost point will be, nor does it suggest what the flow can offer in terms of materials or features.

Kuo, who weaves the data chain supply with financial trends as the basis for its analysis, has the right track record when it comes to predicting Apple applications and future features. Last year, he said the new iPads would come with 20-watt charging bricks – and they did. It also predicts the release of newer MacBook Pro laptops with low-LED displays – and it even happens.

Other speculations have surfaced, including a prediction that Apple will launch the iPhone SE Plus in 2021 (the company instead released a new iPhone SE model that supports 5G networks) and one that says Apple will offer wearable called Apple Glass in 2020 (it has been two years and never happened again). However, the cheaper Apple TV will not be without a predecessor: Apple TV’s second-generation model, which offers access to Netflix and Hulu but does not come with an App Store, costs $ 100 and eventually decreases to $ 70 when a third-generation, third-generation store-powered model app app was released.

But cheaper devices always come with deals, and it will be interesting to see what Apple decides to reduce or eliminate due to the low price tag – if the rumors are true.

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