Although the iPhone 14 is not possible to incorporate the Touch ID in-display, the iPhone 15 can

Will Apple include a fingerprint scanner under display on one of its iPhones? That is a frequently asked question, and there are conflicting sources on the answer. But now there is more evidence that it will happen, because Apple has given the same patent – although it is not expected on the iPhone 14. The patent, discovered patently by Apple, is for the optical cables shown under the display, which it can be used to record fingerprint data reliably.

Apple appears to be designed to save lower optical transmission losses than other solutions, which could mean finding your fingerprint faster and more accurately. But the details of the patent are no more surprising than the fact that Apple has patented this technology at all, as suggested under the actual Touch ID display may be included in the works. There are a couple of caveats though. First, a lot of things are patent and most of them don’t see the light of day in the markets, so just because Apple is looking for a solution, it doesn’t mean we will see it happen.

Of course, we do not expect Touch ID under display on the iPhone 14 scale, because there are not many signs of that yet – although an early leak indicates that direction. But it is likely to be found on the iPhone 15 or beyond. Another indication is that while this patent focus appears to be fingerprint scanner, the technology also mentions facial recognition features, so in other words it may allow for Visual ID under display, which is more proof that Apple is working. on.

So we can see that instead (or well), but given that leaked images show the Face ID components that appear on the iPhone 14 size, that might even be more than a year old. Analysis: Touch ID will be fine, but maybe not. While word has been circulating for years that Apple has been working on Touch ID under display, leaks recently suggest that this will not happen. So while this patent provides some hope for the future of Touch ID, much of the evidence is also contradictory.

That is a bit embarrassing, because there are situations where a Face ID is not good, for example when you want to unlock your phone without angling in front of your eyes. However, those events may be rare for most people, and now that Face ID works even with the mask on, there are some weaknesses to the system, so while the Touch ID option will be appreciated, it is far from important. and is therefore unlikely to be the focus for Apple.

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