After promising to garner Twitter votes, Elon Musk sold Tesla worth $ 5bn

In the first three days of this week, Elon Musk sold nearly $ 5 billion of his Tesla shares, shortly after promising to cash in 10 percent of the stake if Twitter users voted for him to make the sale.

Tesla CEO has been silent on possible share sales since announcing in a tweet on Saturday that he would sell 10 per cent, currently worth some $ 18 billion, supported by a Twitter poll.

It is not clear whether the size of the trades that appeared in the process registrations after the product ended on Thursday was the first installment in doing well on its promise but at least some losses were well planned before its Twitter stunt .

Although Mr. Musk attracted a lot of attention by showing up to leave to Twittersphere whether or not he sold shares, regulatory releases show that at least $ 1.1 billion of sales were set in motion when he won the blind trading program in September .

The system, known as the 10b5-1 concept, is often used by executives to avoid suspicions of domestic trade and is often used to spread sales over a period of time. Records covering subsequent sales made on Tuesday and Thursday did not specify whether they were made under the blind trading system.

Mr Musk has already said he hopes to sell a significant portion of his Tesla stake to cover falling revenues due to the tens of billions of dollars of options he has to spend by next August.

Trades released on Monday show Musk has used some options, bringing the market to around $ 2.3bn by trade deficit. It paid only $ 13.4 million for shares under options, which has a sports price of $ 6.24, compared to Tesla’s end-of-year price target of $ 1,162.94. Shares fell the next day but recovered to close 4.3 percent to $ 1,067.95 on Thursday.