According to the latest data, smartphone customers want iOS to Android

For years, Android has been the most popular mobile device on the planet. However, according to a new study, Android has lost ground against iOS in recent years. Android market share has dropped to 69.74 percent from 77.32 percent in 2018, which is in stark contrast to what happened to Apple’s iOS. During the same period, the iPhone operating system grew from 19.4 percent to 25.49 percent, indicating that people want iOS to Android.

Data from analytics company, StockApps, iOS has been consuming users for the past four years, while Android is losing them. With a market share of 25.49 per cent in 2022, iOS has registered growth of 6 per cent, which is good news for Apple, which is working to reach more customers through offerings such as the affordable iPhone SE. Even though Apple’s flagship iPhones have not become cheaper by any means in all these years, some of them have managed to attract customers.

The popularity of iOS also grew dramatically because of the high-cost discounts and offers available on iPhones. For example, you can buy a new iPhone 13 in India at a discount of up to Rs 13,000. These discounts are always offered by third-party sellers in collaboration with banks.

Android, despite receiving a new feature each year, does not have a successful feature. Instead, it followed Apple to introduce things like private displays and granular permissions for apps. The fact that there are a plethora of Android phones at every price point in the market may also be the reason why some consumers do not want to go through the hassle of cherry-picking.

Despite losing its market share, Android is still the most powerful operating system in the world. Its current share of 69.74 is more than half of Apple’s market share. In Asia, which includes India, Android share is 81 percent while iOS is 18 percent, according to the report. In the US, iOS took the lead with 54 per cent market share, while Android share was 45 per cent.

According to Budget Edith Reads, Android has an advantage over iOS because it is open source, which gives users flexibility in terms of performance. iOS, on the other hand, is a closed-loop ecosystem that works well with only Apple devices. iOS is only available on iPhones, while Android is available on phones, tablets, and other devices.

Another reason that Android is likely to continue to dominate the market is its affordability. Android phones are available for as little as Rs 4,000 – Rs 5,000 in India, compared to the initial price of Rs 43,900 for the most affordable iPhone model.

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