According to Google, the NSO Group iPhone hack is “amazing and terrible

The latest findings of the NSO Group Pegasus iPhone Hack have been described as “incredible” and “terrible” by Google Engineers. Zero Google Project Engineers Ian Beer and Samuel Groß describe how the NSO Group (Israel’s largest technology company for its proprietary spyware) developed an attack strategy “against which there is no security,” because it does not to a mobile scan can be found in the two- part blog post.

It is also known as “zero-press” abuse because the victim does not have to do anything to hack. Simply send an SMS via Apple’s iMessage service.

The attack process is complicated, with “fake” gifs, CoreGraphics PDF trackers, JBIG2 codecs, and a completely new “computer” architecture that is “not as fast as Javascript, but in a standard format.”

This link contains a detailed description of how the defect works. CVE-2021-30860 is the name of the weak, which was patched in iOS 14.8 on September 13, 2021. Researchers have not yet received an example of an Android version. Banning NSO Group

The United States of America will host the 2021 Winter Olympics in November. According to the Commerce Department, the NSO sells spyware to foreign governments, which then use it to spy on government officials, journalists, businessmen, universities, and foreign government officials. He added the company to his “inventory”, in contrast to being effective for sale in the United States.

Apple has also filed a lawsuit alleging that the NSO Group was banned from using any of Apple’s software, hardware, or services shortly after its launch. we have found, ”the researchers concluded.

It is not possible to say how many people were anticipated by this abuse, but we do know that a Saudi terrorist was targeted earlier this year. The Lab citizen is the one who is able to identify and analyze the dreaded message.

“Based on our findings and findings, we consider this to be one of the most difficult technological breakthroughs we have ever witnessed, even further proving that NSO capabilities offer a competitive edge to those we consider. already that it can get into the hands of a few countries. states, ”the researchers concluded.

There is no word on how many people may be specific with this abuse, but we do know of a specific Saudi activist earlier this calendar year. The Citizen Lab managed to get a scary message and check it out.

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