According to a new study on the future, Apple is falling behind Google and Amazon

According to Fortune, Apple, which is the first app company, is falling behind in Artificial Intelligence (AI) competition, with Google and Amazon ahead of it while gaining open source and a collaborative approach in the emerging field of AI. Glass books, according to Mohanbir Sawhney, professor of technology at the McCormick Foundation technology at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwwest University, are not the fertile ground for renewal.

“That means Apple urgently needs to shift its focus and investment to AI-driving technologies, as part of a larger effort to build such a rapidly evolving Amazon and Google ecosystem,” Sawhney wrote in Fortune.

According to him, Apple has reached the top with “Super Game” iPhone X and “does not represent the beginning of the next 10 years of smartphone, as Apple says”. Apple launches the iPhone X worldwide on Nov. 3. Artists pursue innovation with a vector of contrast until the vector comes out of steam. “When that happens, the focus of innovation shifts to different vectors and new market leaders emerge. This process has been seen several times in cell phone innovation over the last three years, ”Sawhney said.

The concept of differentiation is changing from hardware to AI and software based AI and agents. “As AI-controlled phones such as the Pixel 2 Google and virtual agents like Amazon Echo proliferatea Smartphones today will be back in the background,” he stressed. Google Pixel phones offer great photo enhancement features and advanced hardware-software integration driven by AI-based technology. The second part of the Pixel has a 5-inch display, 4GB RAM, 12MP rear and 8MP front camera, and 2,700mAH battery.

Google will bring the Pixel 2 XL (6-inch display) into the Indian market from 15 November onwards. Amazon Echo allows natural communication through Alexa virtual agent. “Apple only has to look at Motorola, Nokia, and Blackberry to understand how quickly a leader could fall from the top in this market, and do what is best to avoid this outcome,” Sawhney added.

Tim Cook has been criticized in his six years at the helm of Apple as being short on such a vision for which founder Steve Jobs is renowned; for planning than a modest pace of innovation; for fighting back against the US government when it claimed that Apple unlocked iPhones in criminal investigations.

However in its heyday, Apple was gaining momentum, adding to a pile of revenue reaching $ 257 billion. He was quick to point out all sorts of unruly ways in artificial intelligence, and earlier this week he finally received long-term rumors that Apple was working on autonomous cars. Cook himself has been out in public on a number of important issues, from his personal journey as a gay executive to President Trump’s anti-corruption crackdown and his withdrawal from the Paris climate deal.

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