According to a new study, iPhone owners are worse drivers than Android users

According to the study, Android users drive slower and are better at turning, braking, and accelerating. According to a recent Jerry study, it is safer to drive with an Android user than with an iPhone user. The online car insurance company reviews the driving habits of 20,000 people who drive more than 8 million miles. The findings are confusing, and iPhone customers should let you know what Jerry discovered. According to Jerry, Android users outnumber iPhone users in general and specific areas of safe driving. In fact, iPhone users are not doing well. They restrict Android users in every category of safe drivers. Android users love to drive more slowly and they are not bothered. They were also superior in

Android users scored higher even when humans suggested they shouldn’t. For example, married people, homeowners, and college students are better drivers than those who are single, rented, or have not completed high school. This trend is not true for Android and iPhone owners, though. The whole human race has been changed by the owners of Android. You would expect married people to be more stable behind the wheel, but no. Jerry’s research shows that only Android owners are better drivers than those married iPhone users. Education does not matter either. According to the results of the Jerry study, Android users who did not complete high school surprisingly scored higher than iPhone owners with a Ph.D. And when it comes to home ownership, this trend is also happening again and again with Android tenants more than just iPhone users who own a home.

Jerry’s data could not fully explain why iPhone owners wanted a lower score for safer driving. In his analysis, Jerry refers to the driver of confusion as a potential source of information. iPhone owners were much more likely to handle their phones than Android users while behind the wheel. No matter how you justify it, you will not be a safe driver if you are constantly looking at your phone.

It can also come down to human behaviors. Recent studies suggest that Android users are more enthusiastic and more likely to be law-abiding than their iPhone counterparts. IPhone owners, on the other hand, are more emotional and spiritual. As a result, iPhone owners can push the ends and respond more forcefully to external conditions while driving. This emotional response can lead to acceleration, increased rotation, and more unexpected braking. These three behaviors will undoubtedly reduce safe driving habits.

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